WETS Fall 2014 Newsletter!

WETS Fall 2014 Newsletter!

Dear WETS,
This is the 83rd year of Longhorn Swimming. We have an amazing history and are proud so many of you showed up for the reunion weekend. A BIG THANKS TO JILL, RICKY, COURTNEY, Trey AND THE T-ASSOCIATION for putting on the Alumni Relays, the Saturday tailgate and on-the-field recognition of all swimming and diving letter winners! Check out our photo gallery on our T-Association Facebook page. WETS has an official FACEBOOK page too. Thanks to Will Reeves (’74) for kicking this off… Sign up today!


The 40th Annual Frank Erwin Dinner honored seven great Longhorns. Photos of the weekend by Doug Elenz and Vanessa Said can be viewed HERE!


2014-2015 WET$ Donors
We are truly blessed with the support you have given our organization. Our goals continue to be the same as when our founders started the organization in 1967: HONOR the past, PROMOTE the present and future of Texas swimming and diving and PROVIDE a common forum for all former swimmers, divers, coaches and fans.

If you don’t see your name on the list then please Donate Online or send your splash
of cash (no more than $100) to: WETS, PO Box 132614, Woodlands, TX, 77393.

Century Member $100
Bruce  Anderson, Ross Binkley, Bob Blodgett, Nathan & Shanda Breazeale, Annie Getter Brown, Patrick Brundage, Tim & Nancy Carter, Lydia Chase, William Chavey, Robert Cotner, Colleen & John Cox, Jeanne & Craig Cunningham, Hans & Juliette Madrigal Dersch, Kent Dickson, Ted Doyle, Doug Duwe, Doug & Amber Elenz, Darrell Fick, James Flodine, Edwin Gilbert, Douglas Gjertsen, Sandy Gottesman, Martha & Brendan Hansen, Jeff & Carol Heller, John Henry, James & Dianne Holton, Marty Hubbel, Tara (Nye) Huntress, Deborah Hurwitz, Lee & Kryssy Jamieson, Bill & MF Johnson, Hylmar Karbach, John & Andrea Kenny, Bob & Miyuki Kitzman, Joe & Melinda LaJoie, Peggy Little, Fredrick Machell, Scott & Karan Mactier, Wayne Madsen, Richard & Dana May, Woody & Donna McCasland, Kristi Metzger, Scott Patterson, Ande Rasmussen, Richard Reeves, Marvin Rich, Bill & Carol Robertson, Pat Robertson, Vanessa Said, Richard & Susan Santamaria, Scott & Lisa Schwandt, Matt & Becca Scoggin, Stuart Smith, Tobielynn Smith, James & Carolyn Spillane, Kent & Patsy Spitzmiller, Dr. Robert & Beth Stark, John & Ashley Suchand, Greg & Carole Thompson, Brian & Carol Vance, Roger & Ann (Girardeau) Wacker, Neil & April Walker, Dr. Jim Willerson, Katherine Wilson-Arris, Dick & Michele Worrel, Ann (Drolsom) Worthington, Marcus & Alice Yancey, Matt Ulrickson

Horns Member $50
Steven Boss, Sarah Campbell, Dru & Laura Dunworth, Kurt Hardy, Paula (Krizov) & Bill Hoffman, Sally (Robertson) Lucksinger, Nick Nevid, Thomas Smith, David & Terri Youngblood

Family Member $30
JaNette Connell, Whiney Hedgepeth & Mark Luther, DD & Kelly Hoffman, Lewis & Suzy Pollok, Iva Gene Watson

Couples Member $10
Alison Coelter & Steve Navarro, Debbie & Walter Halpenny, Brad Hibbard, George & Patty Plummer, Alphonso & Tricia Ragland

Individual Member $5
Kristi Bertelsman, Bill & Carol Brink, Jim Robertson, Sharon V. Smith, Wynant Wilson

Longhorns for Life
Your WETS donations are appreciated and very helpful in carrying out our good deeds and building support. I must point out that if you really want our swimming and diving programs to survive and thrive then please donate to the Longhorns for Life program. Longhorns for Life program encourages letter winner participation to help continue the legacy of Texas Athletics for future generations. The ultimate goal of the program is to increase the percentage of letter winners who give back to Texas Athletics and make each sport self-sustaining. Jill and Ricky challenge each of you to make a sustaining monthly gift. All financial contributions as a part of the Longhorns for Life program are 100 percent tax deductible.
Donate Today!

WET’s Support our Teams!
It’s not all about the $… Let’s also come out and support our Longhorn teams while they are in action:

Big meets coming up in Austin…soon!
The Texas Swimming and Diving Hall of Fame Swimming and Diving meets will be LIVE on the Longhorn Network! Might plan on coming to Austin to see it live and cheer on the Horns. Admission is FREE!

The Diving meet will be Nov. 20-22nd, with Mike Brown to be honored by the TSDHOF at 3 pm. The women’s platform diving begins at 10 am Saturday morning with the last round men finishing just before 3 pm. Come see Brownie and Anita and support the best divers in the country. Mike and Anita, both Longhorn legends, coach the University of Hawaii divers while quietly supporting Matt Scoggin’s talented team. See Mike’s acceptance speech from the April Induction Dinner and lots of great photos on the TSDHOF website HERE!


Anita Rossing, Reika Rossing Brown and Mike Brown

Come to Austin Dec. 6th!!!
Please help us honor the newest inductees of the Texas Swimming and Diving Hall of Fame at a reception and presentation and see great collegiate swimmers in action! Teams include: BYU – M&W, Harvard – M&W, UC Davis – Women, Utah – M&W, Wisconsin – M&W, Wyoming – M&W, Hawaii – Men, Incarnate Word – M&W, Arizona – M&W, Southern Cal M& W

Come see the installation of their plaques and on deck video presentation just before finals of the meet.
Hondo Crouch, Dana Volmer, Dennis Fosdick and Mike Brown (being honored 3 PM Nov. 22nd)
Lifetime Achievement Award: Johnnie Means
Wally Pryor Distinguished Team Award: DADS Club

When: Saturday Dec. 6th,
5:00 pm – 5:45 pm Reception (light snacks)
6:00 pm On-deck Presentation
Where: Lee and Joe Jamail Texas Swimming Center
Just before the final session of the TSDHOF Invitational.
Admission: FREE!


Becky Crouch Patterson recently donated Hondo’s letter jacket and boots to the TSDHOF. The “Swimming Cowboy” was one of the first native Texans to be named an all American. A true Texas legend, he promoted swimming throughout his life. Read more about Hondo and watch Becky’s acceptance speech from the April induction dinner HERE!
The following speech was prepared By Hondo’s Grandson (Kit Patterson) to accept a plaque at the TSDHOF Induction April 2014… Well done Kit!

I know Hondo should be worthy of the Hall of Honor because I heard his team was credited with inventing the flip turn and the Aggie Jokes, (which were converted from Lil’ Moron Jokes).

Here are some other names the press gave my grandfather:
An Original
Imagineer, authorized distributor
Rancher, who raised sheep, 4 kids, and thousands of eyebrows
Peter Cedarstacker, Writer
The Mayor of Luckenbach, Texas
Clown Prince of Luckenbach
Poet, Music man. Inspiration for the hit song “Let’s Go to Luckenbach, Texas”
Storyteller, Texas Folk Hero.
Symbol of Texas
Most Professional Team

For all of his life, Hondo’s magic with children kept him busy at camps (for “over-privileged children”, as he liked to say) like Rio Vista, Longhorn and Champions, a camp he helped start and own. In 1958 he started a swim club in Fredericksburg called DFRAC (Downtown Fredericksburg River Aquatic Club). He taught swimming with a sense a humor and psychology rather than competition. Some of his famous lines: “think or thwim.” “This is swimming; you can’t find a better sport to save your life.” And to get them to put their face in the water, it was “swim downhill!”

Before he died in 1976, upon seeing the completion of the new Erwin Swim Center he commented, “Gollee! Just think of all the hay I could store in here!” I am proud to be a part of his legacy. I never knew Hondo and he never knew that his grandsons, my brother Ren and I, would swim for Texas from 1986 to 1993 under Coach Eddie Reese. I once heard Eddie Reese say, “You don’t choose swimming, swimming chooses you.” That’s how it was with Hondo. He was a natural.

He was well-loved because of his colorful individualism and free spirit. James A. Michener wrote, “Hondo said he was a legend in his own mind. He is definitely a Texas legend in my mind and the minds of countless admirers.”

What would Hondo say about getting this award? He said, “I was always going to BE a swimmer.” And as for the “typical hoo-rah Texas” image? He was actually a gentle, soft-spoken soul with a keen insight into human nature. Representing his family, I accept this posthumous award for Hondo – and all the history that goes with it – with much pride and appreciation.

Thanks, Coach Pat.
Pat Patterson recently donated this beautiful trophy that he and Jane were given in 1964 to the Texas Swimming and Diving Hall of Fame. That year, while coaching the DAD’s Club, they earned 29 individual age group National Champions. The bronze of Wally Pryor instructing young swimmers was created and named for him to honor the coach of the year in Texas. When Wally passed away this spring, Dotson Smith brought the original to the swim center for a permanent display to honor the distinguished team of the year. Ironically the 2014 Texas Swimming and Diving Hall of Fame Wally Pryor Distinguished Team is the DADS Club! Pat and Jane’s trophy will be presented to the DADS Club on December 6th in Austin. The trophy will then pass down to the 2015 club that will be chosen by the TSDHOF and presented April 11th in San Antonio.

UT Women’s Hall of Honor
Colleen_CoxThe UT Women’s Hall of Honor will be inducting Longhorn Swimming great Colleen Lanné Cox (1997-2001) Friday November 7th at the Frank Erwin Center 11:30am-1:30pm. Tickets are still available, but you will need to call or email Jill Sterkel before October 31st. Colleen was a two-time NCAA Champion in the 50 and 100 free in 2001, 22-time all-American and two-time Big 12 Swimmer of the Year. She won a silver medal at the 2004 Olympics in the 400 free Relay, Silver Medal in the 2003 Pan American Games in the 200m Free and Gold Medals in the 400m and 800m Fr. relays. Colleen lives in Austin and is married to John Cox. They have two boys, Rowan (7) and Rhett (4)

The Tex Movie is now online!
A wonderful film has been created for the Texas Swimming and Diving Hall of Fame that portrays the life of Tex Robertson. Renowned producer Chip Rives created a wonderful tribute to the “Father of Texas Swimming.” The video is exclusive to Donors of the Hall of Fame. Any donation of $10.00 or more will give you access to the film online any time you wish. WWW.TSDHOF.ORG Please support the Hall of Fame, which has created a great museum and website honoring Texas Aquatic History and its many Legends.

A Swimcere thanks for your support and Hook’em,
Bill Robertson, WETS news